Contestant Banned List

The following qualified contestants did not show up at a Gay United States National Pageant after qualifying and are not to be allowed to compete in any local, state, or regional pageants in any Gay United States Pageantry Division until they have paid back their promoters any prizes received and a $300 fine to National Office.

 They may not perform, entertain, judge, promote, or attend any Gay United States Pageantry event, preliminary or pageant.

   Banned until fees are paid to National Office
Michael Updegraff – Mr/Miss Gay Pennsylvania US
Jordan Bolton aka Crystal Marie Love -  Mr/Miss Gay Arkansas US
LaWanda L. Miller aka QTip Chanel

Permanently Banned from Gay United States Pageantry
Joe Norcross Jr. aka Mark Dubois 
Tresha Taylor aka Mz T Rachelle
Angle Parris aka Coda Fatts/Coden Haze

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