Gay United States Category Descriptions

Personal Interview- All Divisions (150 points/ Per Judge)

Each contestant will be interviewed individually, by the judging panel. The purpose of the Personal Interview is to allow the judges some insight into the character and intellect of each contestant. During the interview, the judges evaluate each contestants basic qualities, such as intelligence, ability to communicate, attitude, composure, etc. The judges may also gather information about a contestants professional or personal life. The attire for interview is professional business wear, male or female; however each contestant should select clothing which projects the contestant in a professional light. You should dress as you would for a professional job interview. This category is divided into three sub-categories:


                *  Overall Appearance ( 0-50 points )

                *  Personality ( 0-50 points )

                *  Communication and Answer Content ( 0-50 points )


Each contestant will receive one question per judge from the distinguished panel of judges or seven minutes whichever comes first during the interview process. The tone of the interview is relaxed as we want our contestants to feel comfortable. Our Gay United States title holders will not only be entertainers but will also serve as administrators, spokespeople, and promoters. Contestants will be asked a variety of questions ranging from occupation, current events, social issues, community involvement and leadership, and the LGBT community. Personal Interview will hold no questions pertaining to political views, religious views, or sexual orientation as these are not permitted. Although the interview is considered relaxed all contestants are asked to use their better judgment.




Americana Runway Fashion (100 points/judge)

This category is a “clothing and modeling” category. We are looking for any runway ready fashion outfit that is suitable for the contestant and must be comprised of the colors RED, WHITE, and BLUE. You must use all three colors somewhere in your outfit. Contestants will be given a 0 score in the Creative portion of the category and only half of the category will be available for scoring if they don’t incorporate all three colors.


In addition Contestants can NOT use any other colors for any part of the look whatsoever from head to toe including accessories. The only exclusion is jewelry back castings and the soles of shoes. If another color is used other than red, white or blue they will receive a 0 in the creative portion of the category and only half the category will be available for scoring.


We are looking for an edgy and creative fashion using red, white, and blue. This is not to be a costume, but something that could be seen on the runways of top fashion shows or runways by famous designers. Think along the lines of Project Runway or America’s Next Top Model or designers such as Dolce and Gabanna, or Versace. No commentaries are required from the contestants in this category. This is solely a runway modeling category divided into three sub-categories.


  • Presentation – how well you model on the stage (0-25)
  • Style and Fit – (0-25)
  • Creativity/Overall Impression (0-50)



Evening Gown- ( Miss/ Miss @ Large/ Icon Divisions )

Evening gown will be the most elegant outfit you will wear during the pageant. It should complement your figure/ physique and be a statement of your style and taste. The gown accessories should be in perfect condition. No strings should be anywhere on the gown ( this includes sleeves, neckline, hem, along the zipper and buttons, or at any seam). There shouldn’t be any tares in any part of the fabric. The gown should be stain free and wrinkle free. It’s the contestant’s responsibility to take care of the gown and keep the gown in perfect condition for the duration of the pageant. The hem of the gown should be even unless the style of the gown is an uneven bottom. Gowns should be lined or have a slip underneath. The judges should not be able to see through any part of the gown unless that is the style of the gown. The gown length should be either to the top of the toe part of the shoe or approximately ½ to 1 inch above the floor. The sleeve should be no shorter than the wrist, and no longer than an inch below the wrist unless the design of the gown sleeve is longer. Shoes should complement and match the gown. Shoes should not be scuffed, worn at the toe or heels, and not seen to bend under the weight of the contestant. Modeling should be at a slow easy pace, and does not have to touch the three points that form a triangle. Practice walking and turning in the shoes you will be wearing during this presentation. Hair should be appropriate for evening gown and go along with the style of the gown. Hair that is down is acceptable if suitable for the style of the gown. Hair should not be unkempt, and should not be frizzy unless style warrants. We emphasize the suitability of your gown. Can you move around in it comfortably? Can you model it with ease? All these things play a factor in your scoring!! Each contestant will be given an evening gown description card to be read during modeling.



Creative Evening Gown- ( Femme Fatale )

This category allows the contestants to display their individuality and creativity in designing an evening gown to impress the judges. You are encouraged to create a gown that is original and unique. The attire must compliment your body and must be the proper lengths…the same as listed above for the Miss/ Miss @ Large/ Icon category. Please note: this is NOT a costume or a theatrical piece. This is a creation of whatever you want that represents yourself or something you love such as: butterflies, flowers, or anything else you may choose to create your style of gown with. Also please note this is not just a gown as listed above for the divisions of Miss/ Miss @ Large/ Icon. This category for Femme Fatale is a creative gown! You should still be able to wear this gown to a formal event or to make a red carpet appearance. Think of this gown as an extension of yourself and what you love! In addition please keep in mind that the gown should be suitable for you. Make sure you can move around comfortably and are able to model with ease as these are factors in your scoring. Shoes should not be scuffed, worn at the toes or heels. Your modeling should be at a slow easy pace and does not have to touch the three points that form a triangle. Hair can be up or down but should go along with the creation of your gown. The judges should not be able to see through any part of your gown unless this is the style of your creative gown. Each contestant will be given an evening gown description card to be read during modeling.



Creative Formal Wear- ( Mr./ Mr. @ Large/ Mister MI )

This category allows the contestants to display their individuality and creativity in designing a creative suit to impress the judges. You are encouraged to create a suit that is original and unique, The suit must compliment your body and be the proper lengths. The sleeve of the suit should be no shorter than the wrist and no longer than 1 inch below the wrist. The length of the pants should come across the top of your shoe without buckling or stop at the beginning of the heel of your shoe. This must be a suit of some kind, NOT a tuxedo. The suit must include a shirt, jacket, and pants. Pants and shoes may be adorned as long as they complement the overall look as this is a creative suit. NO vests, ties can go with the suit but please note while Bowties are allowed they are not considered formal. Jackets are NOT to be removed during the modeling of this category. The suit can be of a theme or something that you love such as dragons, wolves, chessboard, etc. This should be a creation and expression of yourself. Make sure the shoes compliment the creation of your suit and match accordingly. Shoes should not be scuffed or worn at the toes or heels.  Hats are allowed but should go with your creative suit accordingly. The contestant will be scored according to the level of creativity; overall fit, stage presence and modeling. Each contestant will be given a creative formal wear description card to be read during modeling.


For each division contestants are scored by the following sub categories:

Styling and Fit - Focus is on clothing design and condition and whether it complements the contestant’s body.   ( 0-50 points )

Presentation - Focus is on the Contestants modeling technique, poise, smile, personality, stage presence, etc.    ( 0-50 points )

Creative/ Overall Appearance - Focus is on accessories ( if used ), creativity ( MI/MR./ Mr.@ Large/ FF and the contestants confidence, personal grooming and appeal to the audience. This is basically how the whole package is perceived by the judge.   ( 0-50 points )


Talent  - ALL DIVISIONS (300 points/judge)

Talent may be of any form of entertainment as long as it does not create any danger to the contestants, the staff, or audience members. The time limit for all talent presentations is seven (7) minutes with three (3) minutes allotted for set-up/take down of props. 

Music must be recorded on a CD-R ONLY, Track One. The CD must be legibly marked with the contestant name. High quality CDs are highly recommended as well as a backup CD. No fire, water, nudity, pyrotechnics, excessive glitter, animals are allowed. Any contestant exceeding their three (3) minute set up/tear down time will have administrative points deducted.  Any contestant over their seven (7) minute talent time will be given a Zero (0), and the talent will be cut off.

Showmanship/Set Design


Physical Coordination,
Stage Presence (Include Dancers) 


Quality (lip sync, live vocal, other)


Value of presentation as Entertainment



Onstage Q & A  - ALL DIVISIONS (top  5 contestants only at Nationals)  (50 points/judge)

Contestants will be asked a question. The question will be repeated twice and each contestant will have a total of three (3) minutes to respond to the question given. The contestant must answer the question with a response, they ARE judged on their answer content.  They are also judged on their ability to communicate with both the audience and the judges.  In the event a question is not answered with a response, takes more than three (3) minutes, or no answer is given a mandatory zero (0) will be given.


Answer Content


Ability to Communicate


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