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To download our updated Promoters Packet use this link below. 

Greetings from Gay United States Pageantry!

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a promoter for the Gay United States Pageantry System.  We strive to provide the finest in Gay, Lesbian and Trans Entertainment & Pageantry. Our goal is to form long lasting relationships with our promoters and contestants, providing the highest quality, low costs, ingenuity in competition & fair judging. Our current divisions include:

Mr. Gay United States, for Male Entertainers over the age of 21.

Miss Gay United States, for Male/Trans Entertainers over 21 - in every weight class. 

Mr. Gay United States At Large, for Male Entertainers over 21, and 225 pounds or more.

Miss Gay United States At Large, for Male/Trans Entertainers over 21, and 225 pounds or more.

Miss Femme Fatale Gay United States, for Female contestants over the age of 21.

Mister Gay United States M.I. (Male Illusionist) for Female/FtM Transgender contestants over 21.

Miss Gay United States ICON for Male/Trans Entertainers over 35.

    As a possible promoter you should know, you’re starting down a fabulous road of community building, promotion of the arts & encouragement for young and seasoned entertainers alike. When you become a promoter for Gay United States Pageantry you become part of a family of equals and individuals. We are here to help you succeed and be the best promoter you can be. And help you step by step at making your preliminaries as fabulous as possible. Each individual promoter brings a new “sparkle” to our national crown. And as such each of your crowned title holders and alternates bring new life and spirit to our national competition. 

    We at The Gay United States Pageantry System, L.L.C., have a belief in the business of pageantry, and as such we extend that to our prelim promoters. We have NO franchise fees for our pageants, and have very low registration fees for the national pageants. Each pageantry division has only a $150 contestant registration fee -due immediately to set your prelim date– this fee covers the winner of your prelim AND the first alternate. If you wish to register your 2nd alternate of your prelim the fee is kept low at only $50.

   Our national title holders also have very low fee’s, at only $200 for the national booking fee. And with the help of our friendly staff, and our title holders, arranging the travel & accommodations for your prelim can’t be simpler.  We are here every step of the way.

   With the help of our home on the web, we look forward to expanding our preliminaries to every corner of the nation.  Already we have prelims in multiple locations in the East and Mid-west, and look forward to expanding on that.

   We hope you will consider joining us as we expand and grow into a standard of pageantry in the Gay, Lesbian and Trans communities.  HERE WE GROW!



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